about Leapian

We develop technologies for learning, information & knowledge management and productivity.

Our technologies are the result of groundbreaking R&D conducted with key academic partners.

Team's mission & vision.

What We Do


We designed a suite of document analysis algorithms, capable of understanding document structure and classify content.

Information Extraction

Our tools extract knowledge from documents. This knowledge 'remembers' exactly where it came from, originally.

Learning Skills

We are adapting speed reading and memorisation techniques. The objective: bring speed learning into the digital world.


Everything that we do is surrounded by thorough research, conducted with academic partners and our customers.


Launching in Q4 2017

Get Involved

We want to work with ambitious people and organisations, to drive faster innovation.

What we are looking for

Beta Testers

Our beta testers will help us turn Readalo into the most effective knowledge extraction tool available. In turn, we will offer discounts on the platform, after launch.

R&D Partnerships

We are looking for various partnership organisations:

  • Machine Learning experts, to work on our algorithms
  • Pedagogy experts, to contribute on learning skills developments

Our projects are extremely ambitious and we are looking for ambitious programmers who can join us: C++, Full Stack

How to get involved

Below are some options on how to get involved. All beta testers will receive discounts on Readalo once we launch!

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We are looking for various types of partners: technical, research or product development. Please get in touch with team @ leapian.com and let's see if there is scope to work together.