The right tech for the right minds to change the world for the better.

Our expertise

Advanced cutting edge technology

We use enabling and emerging technologies, developing our own proprietary cutting edge technology. We have completed an Innovate UK project.

Best practices in UI / UX

We believe using digital tools should be effortless and fun, so that is how we design our products.

Research and Learning

We have studied the methodologies on productivity, collaboration and problem solving employed by the most successful and efficient organisations out there. We are publishing a book covering our research and knowledge soon.

Skill Development

We have extensively explored the domain of personal development and fulfilment, which may mean different things for different people, with the common thread being the need of having personal time available beyond our work or study commitments.

Software Technology

We have over 35 years of software development experience ranging from software for music scores, to an operating system to educational software such as Zenreader.


We believe in technology that brings people together. With our new community of learners, we bring courses and experts in productivity, learning and wellbeing to students and lifelong learners.

zenreader - our flagship product

Zenreader helps you extract and organise information from your sources to produce great quality assignments up to three times faster than with other tools.

The most efficient, effective and enjoyable way to get information out of documents, organising it in a way that makes sense to you and making use of it wherever and whenever you need it.

Zenreader is designed by experts in research, writing and knowledge management and incorporates the most cutting edge strategies for producing excellent quality work in record time

Zenreader document reader and highlights

Zenreader testimonials

“I was able to grade a PhD thesis of 180 pages, providing a report with my comments, in an afternoon. Zenreader saved me time, enabled me to be very systematic in my approach and allowed me to do a much more robust and complete job.I might have done too much.”Professor at UCL (April 2019)
“I used Zenreader to read and take notes on all of the literature for my dissertation, which amounted to 150+ documents. Instead of spending 4 weeks on Word and PDF documents to create the draft for the background reading, I used Zenreader to achieve the same output in 1.5 weeks. It helped me do more, produce my draft in one single pass and helped me navigate the complexity of the project much better than without the tool.”UCL Master’s Student in Medical research programme (July 2019)

Why we created Leapian

We created Leapian to help others with developing their lifelong learning skills, specifically to boost productivity giving back more time for people to explore and get more out of their lives. We do this because we want to address the challenges below.

Common Challenges

Challenge 1: enjoyment of work and study. For many people the time spent working or learning is miserable. We aim to help people to enjoy the work and study they do.

Challenge 2: methodologies for productivity. We have studied the best methodologies on productivity, collaboration and problem solving employed by the most successful and efficient organisations out there. These include Agile, Getting Things Done (GTD), Flow, Hyperfocus. These methodologies are rarely taught or applied properly - a missed opportunity to our productivity and enjoyment.

Challenges in Education

Challenge 3: breadth of choice. From our experience, we have found that we can choose more in our lives by having:

  1. developed excellent productivity, lifelong learning and problem solving skills (learning skills);
  2. invested time with many very different activities and experiences (extracurriculars);
  3. invested time exploring personal development, personal growth; for example through meditation, music or sports.

Challenge 4: automation threat. Machines will automate and replace several types jobs, requiring us to develop more of the skills that make us different from machines: creativity, problem solving, empathy.

Challenge 5: spending less time indoors behind screens. We spend too much time indoors, behind screens and in environments that stifle our creativity and ability to develop ourselves. This is especially the case for students in a classroom setting and most modern jobs.