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Zenreader is an all in one tool that helps students develop lifelong learning skills whilst they get their assignments done.

With Zenreader a student can: complete assignments, create personal notes, prepare for exams, and develop valuable study skills.

By design, Zenreader lets students have fun and get better results in less time.

Reference manager

Add PDFs, webpages, notes to Zenreader, managing them alongside your favourite reference manager.

Powerful Reader

The Reader is packed with features to make it easy to read documents, extract notes & snippets, jump to relevant information. It can present document summaries.

Knowledge Maps

Our powerful outliner and concept editor allow you organise knowledge, helping you with understandind complex topics.

Find anything

Our innovative algorithms enable you to find anything within Zenreader.

Develop your skills

Zenreader implements state-of-the-art learning techniques, enabling you to practice them as you work. Double your reading speed with our PDF Speed Reader!

Automation where possible

We are building algorithms that enable Zenreader to summarise documents, suggest you sections/paragraphs to read, automatically generate maps of knowledge/information, so that you focus on deciding what is relevant to your project.

Key Zenreader components

Interconnected Knowledge

Our tools extract and help organise knowledge from documents immediately. You will never forget where information comes from.

Interface with Knowledge

We are designing better ways for storing, organising and accessing knowledge, through innovative visualisation tools.


As new information comes in, rapidly update the existsing knowledge structure.


We designed a suite of document analysis algorithms, capable of understanding document structure and classify content.

Learning Skills

We are adapting speed reading and memorisation techniques. The objective: bring these into the digital world.


Everything that we do is surrounded by rigorous research, conducted with academic partners and our customers.

Why use Zenreader and not other tools?

At Leapian, we have spent much time understanding which tasks are value adding and which ones aren’t, when it comes to learning and producing assignments. We have figured out ways to optimise just the right things by using technology. No cheating involved. No auto-summarisation. We just make many repetitive non-value adding tasks more efficient. These include copy pasting, finding similar pieces of information, finding what you are looking, etc.

We are great at helping you discover, read and find what you are looking for.

We are great at making sure that you don’t repeat your work twice.

We are great at helping you understand or retrieve what you have already done.

Designed to help you get better results, in less time.

Zenreader lets you develop your skills as you work

Zenreader is beautifully designed: making it enjoyable and fun to do knowledge-intensive tasks.

Zenreader is developed for high achievers for whom time is never enough, and it incorporates strategies and methods that have been tested over decades to help you achieve your full potential in the shortest time possible.

Packed with machine intelligence: so that you focus on decision making and what makes humans still truly unique.

Designed so that you don’t spend all day working: produce that essay in a fraction of the time, whilst exceeding your expectations.

Other tools are about simplifying and making things easier. Zenreader does these things as well, but it is designed around the concept of never forgetting/repeating what you do and effectively completing your tasks so that you can pursue other meaningful activities.

Case Studies

Rapidly draft essays, reports, papers

Zenreader lets you draft better researched and structured essays in less time. With the reader you extract quotes and evidence to back your points. With the outliner you draft each paragraph and section making sure that your analysis, thesis and arguments are excellent. In the outliner you can drop in the evidence extracted from the documents so that Zenreader can figure out who you are citing. Whilst you are reading, Zenreader helps you by finding what you are looking for. With the outliner you can get feedback from peers or teachers about your sources assignment structure before you spend hours writing everything in full or redrafting.

Using these tools, we have produced top-grade 4000+ word essays, with over 100 citations & references, in 10 hours total.

Benefits for students.
  • Develop better arguments, thesis and improve how you structure your knowledge
  • Learn a well-established methodology in writing essays / reports
  • Don’t waste time with citations and bibliography
  • Avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • A much more enjoyable process than using other softwares
  • Avoid low-value tasks such as copy pasting citations, bibliography, etc.
  • Focus on crafting your reasoning, analysis and essay content.
Benefits for teachers.
  • Provide early feedback: check your student’s assignments sources, arguments and structure..

Take notes & prepare exams

With Zenreader, taking notes from documents is easy. The outliner tool allows you to create a database of knowledge which you can access whenever you need it, whether for an essay, preparing for a presentation or an exam. Essentially, read things once, take notes once, reuse as many times as you need.

Marking up documents & providing feedback

Zenreader can be used by teachers to grade and mark assignments prepared by students. Zenreader makes it very easy, fun and effective to add comments and suggestionsThis ensures that the student gets the right feedback, in the right place so that they can make the best improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud storage is a feature that we are currently working on and it should be available in a future version of Zenreader.

We know that it is important to be able to access your work through mobile devices, including tablets. Plans for mobile apps are in place, with likely releases in the near future.

We are developing collaboration features that will allow you to invite your group to work on your project . These will be available soon.

Yes, currently you can provide a link to a webpage which Zenreader converts into a PDF. This means that you can have a snapshot of that webpage in case it changes in the future. We will be offering browser plugins to make this process much smoother.

We are working on this, currently Zenreader comes with a document metadata detector and you can always point a project to Endnote’s / Mendeley’s library to load the same documents. We offer 1900+ citation styles.

Currently we provide export for Markdown, HTML, PDF, Word.

Absolutely the opposite. With Zenreader, it is easy for a student to avoid unintentional plagiarism, since anything that is copy or pasted from original sources comes with the citation attached to it.

The automation that is built within Zenreader serves the sole purpose of removing tedious and repetitive tasks, such as copy pasting text from one screen to another, finding information, adding tags/labels.

No, Zenreader doesn’t have a magical summarise all button.

No, you will still have to do everything yourself. Zenreader’s smart tools are there to minimise the time taken on low-value tasks such as searching for things, collecting citations/references/text across multiple documents, managing duplication of knowledge and finding connections between pieces of information.

Although the software helps you, as a user you have to decide and choose and perform all of the actions.

Until we launch the product, we will not charge our users. Zenreader is extremely valuable especially since it makes you more productive and effective. We will make sure that thouse who cannot afford to buy Zenreader have access to the technology, since we believe that what we offer should be accessible to everyone.

We have to charge a fee for Zenreader, so that we can continue developing it.

Yes, we are preparing a white paper with all the evidence behind the technology and will publish this soon.

Zenreader cuts repetitive tasks. Because it contains all the tools in one place, you can get your work done very quickly. All of the screens are designed to maximise effeciency at getting tasks done.

Zenreader is beautifully designed, making it a pleasure to work with.

Zenreader will soon have detailed reports and analytics, showing you how much progress you are making week by week.

Yes, we have developed some effective methods to organising information and structuring knowledge. These are part ouf our training material that comes with the software.

Zenreader is extremely valuable especially since it makes you more productive and effective. We will make sure that thouse who cannot afford to buy Zenreader will still have access to the technology. We believe Zenreader should be accessible to everyone.

We want to make this free for the students. Please help us achieve this by letting your department or school know that you want access to Zenreader and have them purchase a license for you.

We aim to serve our customers and users as well as possible. Please get in touch with us if Zenreader doesn't currently do something that you need. We will strive to build that feature for you.

Get Zenreader

Zenreader is currently in closed beta testing. During this phase, only a small group of lucky people will get the opportunity of using Zenreader. Every few weeks, we open access to more beta testers on our waiting list.

What we are looking for

Beta Testers

Our beta testers will help us turn Zenreader into the most effective knowledge extraction tool available. In turn, we will offer discounts on the platform, after launch.

R & D Partnerships

We are looking for various partnership organisations:

  • Machine Learning experts, to work on our algorithms
  • Pedagogy experts, to contribute on learning skills developments

How to get involved

Below are some options on how to get involved. All beta testers will receive discounts on Zenreader once we launch!

, thank you for signing up as a beta tester. You should receive an email shortly, if not, please contact team@leapian.com
We are signing you up, this may take a few seconds. If this is unsuccessful, please contact us at team@leapian.com
We are looking for various types of partners: technical, research or product development. Please get in touch with team @ leapian.com and let's see if there is scope to work together.